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Getting A Second Hand Car

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My hubby and I got our first car a couple of years ago, which was about a year into our marriage. It was a second hand car, a 2005 Hyundai Getz 1.1 model in Sunflower Yellow. Yeah, it is screaming yellow. But for a small car, we think that the outrageous color fits it perfectly. It looks like a toy and the bright yellow seems to match the playful look of our car.

We are just so blessed to have this car. Although it is a used car, it has only been with the owner 2 years when he decided to sell it. We are kinda aware that it had figured in accidents before, but it looked and worked really well. At the same time, since it is relatively new, its life span with us will also be considerably long. We love this car.

And because it is second hand, we got it for half the price of the brand new unit. Imagine that! And it is only two years old with a 15, 000++ kilometer mileage. I think we really had a good deal.

The only thing about this small car is that it is a guzzler. Despite the many attempts to get it adjusted, it still consumes a lot of gas.

Anyway, we could have bought a second hand unit that would cost us less, like 1/3 of the price of our Getz, but we think that in the long run, we save on our car because for now, it is virtually maintenance free. After two years, we only got to buy one new replacement tire. We had change oil and cleaning of the aircon for only a couple of times.

So if you can afford it and if there is an opportunity, buy a second hand car that is only between 2-3 years old and you get to save money in the long run.