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Girls Only Weekend

mary60 By mary60 on
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We all work so hard and try to get some time to ourselves, but there just doesn't seem to be time or money. So we (girls) started going camping by ourselves. There are about 7 of us and we take a weekend away from home, husbands, family, and pets and do what we like. Usually i am not a camper, and the girls know this and invite me anyhow. We start by shopping for food, mostly snacks, and a few drinks of our choice, along with breakfast foods. Trying to keep it simple is our plan, so we don't have to cook much. With two campers(not 5th wheels), we head to the camp ground of our choice, where we set up the camper and prepare for a weekend of laughter, and relaxation. The others do all they can to teach me about camping, but mostly i just stay out of their way. We talk, swim. walk, have a few drinks, and sit around the camp fire. Bedtime is fun when you see 4 old women after a day of fun, try to get into bed without tripping over someone. This just leads to more laughting. For three days and nights, we do what we want, and wait on no one except ourselves.

I must say this is becoming a yearly thing. We have started preparing for this year, and everyone is returning for the fun weekend. It is so nice to have friends that make a short week-end such an enjoyable one. They all bring their cell phones, so they can say their good nights to the hubby and family. Even though it's our week-end away we still try to keep in touch.

This ends up being an inexpensive week-end (we all share the cost), and something we talk about for many week. Just getting away and relaxing from the everyday things, seems to give us a much needed rest, and with friends thats a plus.

Update On Feb 17, 2010: The plans are in the works for the end of June. We have invited someone new to our party, and she is so excited. She's a school teacher and thinks this is going to be a great time with friends. Approximately $20 each for two days, plus whatever food we want to bring. Cheap Enough!!!

Update On Jul 12, 2010: This was our girls week-end and what a blast.. Me, i'm the city girl and my friends are introducing me to the world of camping. This year we floated down a river behind our camp ground- it takes two hours- how refreshing and fun. The sun shined and the water was warm, and before leaving today we did this again. I fully enjoyed and will do again next year.