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Gloria Jean's Butter Toffee Coffee For Keurig

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Gloria Jean's Butter Toffee Coffee

I'm a big fan of flavored coffees, and having a Keurig Brewing System allows me to have a lot of variety without having to invest in bags and bags of coffee. Gloria Jean's Coffees is a brand of coffee that is available for the Keurig coffee maker, and the Butter Toffee flavor is absolutely delicious.

The Keurig Brewing System uses "K-cups", which are plastic cups that contain one serving of coffee with a foil seal that keeps the coffee fresh. Because it doesn't get the chance to go stale, the coffee flavor is always mild and delicious.

Gloria Jean's Butter Toffee lives up to the standards of the other flavors of coffee available to the Keurig. Part of the pleasure of the coffee experience is the smell. The rich, buttery fragrance of this coffee will wake up all of your senses, no matter how early in the morning it is. That fragrance just enhances the first sip, which fills your mouth with the rich and delicious flavor of butter toffee.

A splash of cream only adds to this coffee's richness, although it's wonderful black as well. I didn't feel the need to add sugar, but I'm sure a teaspoon would make it taste like you were having dessert for breakfast. As an after dinner drink with dessert, it is absolutely perfect.

At about $.58 per cup of coffee, Gloria Jean's Butter Toffee coffee for the Keurig is more expensive than bargain brands of traditionally brewed coffee, but it is comparable to more expensive brands. Plus, brewing one cup at a time means no waste. Gloria Jean's coffees can be purchased on their website at http://www.gloriajeans.com/ for $50 for 96 cups. I purchased it at Le Gourmet Chef for $10.99 for an 18-pack.

To make coffee with a Keurig Brewing system, pour water into the reservoir, place a K-cup in the designated place and close the lid. Push the button, and you will have a piping hot, delicious cup of coffee in under two minutes.

Gloria Jean's Coffees is just one of the manufacturers that makes coffee for the Keurig Brewing Systems. I am so happy with their Butter Toffee flavor that I am anxious to try their other flavors, such as Hazelnut, Mudslide or Swiss Chocolate Almon\d. Click here to read my review of the Keurig Mini Plus Brewing System.