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Gold Medal World's Best Teacher

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1 week ago, I went for 10 days travelling in which I spent 3 days in Singapore. When I was in Singapore and shopping in a mall, I came across a special and unique gift that I could buy for my lecturer. It is a gold medal with "World's Best Teacher" on the medal. The build quality of the gold medal is quite nice and the gold colr is quite shinny. So, I decided to buy it as a gift for my lecturer.

My lecturer is a good person. She is very helpful in academic and she is a friendly person. So, this gift will be a great gift for my lecturer to thank her for her guidance in my study. During my 4 years studying in university, she is the best and most friendly lecturer I ever met. She taught me a lot of knowledge in electronics field and I can learn about electronics in more details.

This gold medal cost me around USD$11.00. Of course, it is not pure gold, it is a medal made of steel. I think that the price is good and affordable so I bought it. I really hope that my lecturer will like it and I want to thank my lecturer for the guidances and helps in my study. This gold medal comes with a frame with stand. So, my lecturer can place it on top of her office table. The sales girl helps me to write some words on the frame including my names, my lecturer's name and some other designs such as flowers, stars and so on. The extra words and designs on the frame makes the frame looks more beautiful.

Personally, I think that this is a great gift for my lecturer. I bought the gift all the way from Singapore back to my hometown and give it to my lecturer. It is a gift to thank my lecturer and a souvenir for my lecturer from Singapore.