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Good Governance

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There are a lot of factors in consituting good governance. The bottomline of it is that it is a strategy or a process that deals in effective decision-making that would lead to the betterment of all the places and people under its jurisdiction.

In the national scene, it is already common knowledge that the Philippine government is a succession of corrupt officials. It would seem that there is an abuse of power. Power after all can be an addicting drug to some people. It might have happened that they had all the good intentions in the world or for the country when they stepped into office but as time went by, having all that kind of power has gotten in their minds that it twisted their originally good principles.

I do wonder why the people/masses still vote for or opt for already seemingly corrupt officials into the office when they already have foreknowledge of the kind of government that this country has. I am at a loss myself as to what to do about it. I know that we have a beautiful country but its already riddled and infested with exploitation and disagreements.

Nowadays, the current generation seems to be executing rallies left and right against the government. Im also not in favor of these rallies being organized almost everyday for all the trivial things that the people and the government don’t agree on. Sure its quite alright to exercise the people’s freedom of speech and to be heard by the people in the higher positions but the people themselves are already abusing the freedom themselves.

Sometimes its quite dismaying that the people used the clean, pure and genuine strategy of the peaceful revolution of the previous years. Now, the rallyists and the activists are getting more and more aggressive that once they progress, the country on the whole regresses.

In the local scene, some incident have been stated like the clash and misunderstanding between the church, the local government unit and the media. Private matters were aired publicly and this brought out doubts about the transparency of the local government. It seemed that the personal letter sent has been either intercepted or forwarded to the media before the intended recipient even got a hold of the said letter and got to read it for himself.

I know blaming anyone will not do any good since no one is to blame and yet everybody is. If that sort of arrangement is possible. In my opinion, we should get rid of the crab mentality that we have acquired and actually work together without putting self interest before the progression of our country. It may seem like a huge ambition but it is a possible solution to the problems that our country is facing right now and in the future.

It would be nice though that for the sake of transparency, the officials, either in the national unit or the local government, would be under the scrunity of a setup like Big Brother the moment they step into the office. Now that’s true transparency.