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Grandma's House

Jan Mayrhofer By Jan Mayrhofer on
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So your grandkids are coming to spend some time with you while Mom and Dad are either at work or just going out for the night or away for the weekend. How do you keep the children happily occupied? What do you do to make your job easier? Let’s explore some fun ideas.

The first thing that comes to my mind is baking cookies. There are three reasons why this is number one in my arsenal: 1. My Grandma used to make cookies with me. I will never forget my Grandma teaching me how to make her Peanut Butter Cookies! 2. My childrens’ grandma baked cookies with them and they absolutely loved it. 3. Grandma is in her comfort zone here and always has cookie baking materials on hand.

Kids love doing crafts and don’t always get the opportunity with their moms and dads because of busy schedules/lifestyles, etc. Grandmas always have more time to fuss with the mess, and usually a lot more patience somehow. For some great craft ideas to do with your grandkids, check out the familyfun.com website. One that I’m considering working on with my seven year old grandson in the very near future is Can-do stilts. You need two 29 oz. cans of tomato sauce. Some clothesline, and paint. Punch holes on opposite sides of the can with a punch-style can opener and blow into one side to empty the contents. Wash the cans, paint, string clothesline through the holes to act as handles, and, voila! you have a great, fun toy. Be sure to check out the detailed directions to make the stilts look super great.

A trip to the park is a good way to expend your energetic grandchild’s energy so they are not using it to create mischief at your house! Most communities have lots of local parks, but even if your community doesn’t, a simple nature walk is fun for kids. Collect nature items as you go so that you can make a collage when you get home.

Whenever the kids come to visit, try to make some fun for them. This is what will ensure that they will always be happy to come visit Grandma’s House.