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Grandparents Raising Their Grandchildren

mary60 By mary60 on
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In todays world we hear more and more about grandparents raising the next generation. There are families that have no choice in doing this, but then there's those who just take on the responsibility. I'm guilty of that, even though i have a son and daughter-in-law who are very capable of doing it. They seem to always work or be too busy to be involved, even though i know they love their children dearly. Some wouldn't call this love, but i know how hard they work to give their children what they want and need. As retired older adults, i think they believe we have the time and energy to share with the grandchildren.

In 1996 my grandson was born a preemie (2 1/2lbs), and three months early. I am glad they thought we would help give him the attention and care he needed in those early years, when they returned back to work. At 13 yrs he still comes here everyday after school, and does his homework, spends most of his waking days here. Having Aspbergers he still needs guidance in many things he does. He ususally goes home at night to sleep in his own bed.

In 1999 along came a sister, and she just moved in. If her brother is here, why not her. Now, just turning 10 yrs old she is here more than her brother. She too is here after school everyday and every week-end. She will sleep over any night she is allowed. She attends hockey games, and baseball games with her grandfather, during regular season. A Papas girl for sure! Memes good for having girl talks. Two years ago she saved Papas life when he had a heart attack, taking care of him til i could get home.

We really enjoy having them around, and we love them dearly. In todays age i'm hearing of this happening more and more. I do understand the pressure put on working couples with families. Maybe we can install some of the older values in the grandchildren, because the phrase "They are our Future" sometimes scares me.