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Green Mountain Chai Latte For Keurig Is Delish

Jennifer Walker By Jennifer Walker on
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Green Mountain Chai Latte, prepared

I love Chai tea Lattes, and I was very happy to find the Green Mountain Chai Latte in a K-cup for the Keurig Brewing System so I could make these tasty drinks at home. The Green Mountain Chai Latte is surprisingly tasty--almost like ordering one at a cafe but at a fraction of the cost.

There are different blends of Chai, but basically it is a black tea spiced with things like cardamom, cinnamon, and clove. A Chai Tea Latte includes steamed milk and usually honey or another sweetener, which makes the drink spicy, sweet, and creamy all at the same time. It can be drunk hot or cold.

Green Mountain's Chai Latte, which comes in its Cafe Escapes line, is made with the spiced tea, creamer and sweetener all contained within the K-cup. All you have to do to prepare it is to put water into the Keurig's reservoir, pop the K-cup into the designated spot in the front of the machine, lower the handle, and press the Brew button. The Chai Latte will be ready in under two minutes. Although it is ready to drink as soon as it is brewed, my husband prefers to add a splash of milk for extra creaminess.

Although Green Mountain's Chai Latte may sound healthy because it's tea, it should be noted that one 8 ounce prepared serving of this products contains 70 calories, 2.8 grams of fat (all of which is saturated), and 9 grams of sugar. However, it has 10 milligrams of caffeine, versus 100-150 for a cup of coffee or 40-60 for regular black tea. However, this is partly due to the fact that the Chai tea is cut with milk instead of being 100% tea.

At about $.69 per cup of Green Mountain Chai Latte, this product is much cheaper than buying a Chai Tea Latte at a coffee shop. It is more convenient than other Chai Tea Latte mixes, and better tasting than many of them. This combination of factors makes this Chai Latte product the perfect choice for me.

Green Mountain Chai Latte can be purchased at Le Gourmet Chef stores, but it can also be ordered online at http://www.greenmountaincoffee.com. In addition to the Chai Latte, Green Mountain sells a wide selection of Celestial Seasonings teas, flavored and non-flavored coffees, and several varieties of hot chocolate.