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Green Mountain Coffee's Gingerbread Coffee For Keurig

Jennifer Walker By Jennifer Walker on
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Green Mountain Coffee Gingerbread

I really like flavored coffees, and having a Keurig Brewing System allows me to have a lot of variety in brews and tastes without having to invest in several bags of coffee at once. Green Mountain Coffee is a brand of coffee that is available for the Keurig coffee maker, which is a single cup brewing system, and I recently tried the Gingerbread flavor. I found it to be tasty, but not quite good enough to want to buy it again.

The Keurig Brewing System brews one cup of coffee at a time using "K-cups", which are plastic cups that hold one serving of coffee. They have a foil seal that keeps the coffee fresh. With this system, the coffee doesn't get the chance to go stale, so the flavor is always mild and delicious.

I purchased Green Mountain Coffees Gingerbread coffee for my Keurig, because I really like gingerbread lattes at cafes during the holiday season. However, when I drink regular brewed coffee, I prefer it with cream but no sugar. Without the sugar, this coffee flavor did not live up to my expectations. It had the hint of spice I expected, but I think it would be much better with a little sweetener. Since I don't like drinking my coffee sweet as a rule, I will probably not buy this flavor again, but I think flavored coffee fans who do use sugar will like it better than I did.

This coffee appears to be a seasonal offering, which is appropriate since most of us think of gingerbread as being a holiday treat. I purchased it on clearance at my local Le Gourmet Chef at $8.98 for an 18-count box, but the regular retail price at that location is $10.99. Green Mountain Coffee can also be purchased at www.greenmountaincoffee.com, although they were not carrying this flavor as of this writing.

At about $.50 per cup of coffee, Green Mountain Coffee's Gingerbread coffee for the Keurig is more expensive than bargain brands of traditionally brewed coffee, but it is comparable to more expensive brands and much cheaper than buying brewed coffee at a cafe. In addition, brewing one cup at a time means you will not brew more than you can drink, letting the leftover go to waste.

To make coffee with a Keurig Brewing system, pour water into the reservoir, lift the handle on the front of the machine, place a K-cup in the designated place, and lower the handle all the way down. Push the Brew button, and you will have a piping hot, delicious cup of coffee in under two minutes.

Green Mountain Coffee is just one of the manufacturers that make coffee and tea for the Keurig Brewing Systems. Although the Gingerbread flavor wasn't for me, I will continue to try their other flavors, such as Caramel Vanilla, Mocha Nut Fudge, or Hazelnut.