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Grisbi Lemon And Ginseng Cookies Exquisite!

Joan Young By Joan Young on
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Grisbi Cookie box

These Grisbi Lemon and Ginseng cookies are pricey unless you can find them at a discount, but they are absolutely wonderful, and might even be worth full price for dessert or a treat to serve to guests.

I bought this box of cookies at a “Bump and Dent” grocery store where they were marked down to 79 cents. However, the original Meijer price was $3.29. You get nine cookies in the package, so these are definitely special occasion cookies in my opinion.

That said, I would be willing to serve these to guests because they are excellent. I don’t care for many boughten cookies because, to me, they seem to all have a strange aftertaste. These do not.

These Lemon and Ginseng cookies are imported from Italy and are made by Vicenzi. They have an outer butter cookie that has just a hint of some spice in it... probably the ginseng. The middle is a cream filling that is lemon and ginseng flavor. It tastes like very good lemon cream pie filling. The flavors blend perfectly and there is a long-lasting lemony aftertaste with none of the nasty overtones that I experience with most purchased cookies.

The lemon filling is smooth and there is a decent amount of it in each cookie. The cookie does not crumble in your hand and make a mess when you bite into it. They would go very well with tea or coffee.

The package indicates that each cookie has about 90 calories, half of them from fat. They suggest two cookies for a serving, and I found that to be a satisfying quantity.

Each cookie is round, and about 1.75 inches across and 0.5 inch high. They come packed in a plastic tray (three cookies per section), sealed in foil, and then in a cardboard box. The ones I bought had gone to the bump and dent store because they were outdated by four months. However, I can’t tell that there is any “old” taste to them at all. All the cookies were in perfect condition- no broken ones despite being handled extra times to move them from store to store.

The Vicenziwebsite has links to their several brands: Mr. Day, Prontoforno, Grisbi, and Vicenzi. The Grisbi cookies all seem to be cream filled in several flavors. Mr. Day snacks are pastries such as muffins, and other small breads. Prontoforno is an Italian flatbread brand, and the Vicenzi brand covers traditional Italian cookies and regional specialties.

I suspect the most likely place to find these in the United States is at a specialty grocery, but if you see them, they are worth trying, especially at a sale price. I would definitely be willing to try the other Grisbi cream cookie flavors which are: chocolate cookie with chocolate filling, chocolate cookie with hazelnut filling, chocolate cookie with coffee cream filling, shortbread with cappuccino filling, shortbread with lime filling, and shortbread with cherry jam filling. There isn’t a single flavor there that doesn’t make my mouth water!

I’ll definitely be watching for more of these at discount prices.