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Gse Grapefruit Seed Extract Cure Gum Disease!

Christina Morris By Christina Morris on
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What is GSE? It is something called Grapefruit Seed Extract. It's made from grapefruit seeds. It is antimicrobial. Meaning it kills the bad germs that grow in your mouth. I have found that using GSE is something that makes a difference in my mouth. I am using The Original GSE Liquid Concentrate. It is made from organically grown grapefruit. It's manufactured by a company called NutriBiotic. The company is very informative on the manufacturing process and all the varied uses of this wonderful product. I have found that this is the best and also the most economical GSE product I have ever used. Their website is: www.nutribiotic.com

It's frustrating when you care for your teeth and gums the way your dentist recommends and you don't get the results that you hope for! You brush your teeth everyday, twice a day like the dentist recommends, right? You floss at least once a day, right? You use mouthwash to kill those nasty germs in your mouth, right? You go to the dentist faithfully at least twice a year for cleanings and checkups and still your dentist tells you that you need more work. You have to go get cleanings say every three or four months. Then it progresses to where they say you need a deeper cleaning where they dig in there as deep as they can and maybe they also put a shot of antibiotics in there too. And so it goes on and on at ever-increasing cost to you. Those cleanings are not cheap. Forget about Insurance covering more than the bare basics. It will only cover the x-Rays and a surface cleaning once every year. Forget about it paying for all the other stuff, that comes out of your pocket! If you happen to be in a situation like mine, that makes going to the dentist almost impossible.

Directions for use: Just start with one drop of GSE on your dry toothbrush and then add a dab of whatever toothpaste you use. You can work your way up to a couple drops or so as you get used to it. It is powerful stuff so don't get it full strength on your taste buds or they will feel irritated for a day or so. Use caution and don't get it in your eyes either. It won't permanently damage you but you get the idea. This is just ONE of the many uses for GSE. I will tell you about other things you can do in a future article.