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Happiness And Our Self Esteem Are Related With Each Other.

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Our self respect is closely related to our happiness. Sometimes, if someone hurts us, we feel badly disturbed. Sarcastic remarks and innuendo by people connected with us, take away our happiness. If we strengthen our mind and get courageous even if someone attacks on our self-respect, s/he cannot take away our happiness. Self respect and happiness are inter connected. Self esteem is higher in those who stay happier inside their hearts. Happiness is prime in our life and that too our own happiness. Many of us feel happier, when we are with our family members, spouses, children and elders in the family. Many of us draw happiness from nature and surroundings and there are others who feel happy if they are surrounded by friends. For many others it is earning money, which gives them extreme happiness. Are these reasons could be termed as 'real happiness'? It depends upon person to person. However, happiness which we feel within ourselves is unparalleled. When our soul becomes happier then that happiness gets reflected outwardly too. We get more confident and feel sound inside ourselves. A happy man starts loving himself and starts desiring himself. However, if we are not happy inside us, we blame others for every fault. We feel that everybody is working against us and targeting us. We start feeling jealous with others in our state of unhappiness. It is, therefore, necessary to love ourselves to make ourselves happy. If we do not love ourselves and give importance to ourselves, we cannot be happy. If we start ignoring our own happiness, we cannot make others happy. The state of unhappiness will not bring fruitful results and we will not be able to meet our goals in life. To make ourselves happy, we need to love ourselves and its vice versa is also true. Our self-esteem and happiness both are equally important for us.