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Health Care

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With 46 million people in the U.S. not having health care, the government decided to try and fix this by passing a bill. For the past two decade politicians have been arguing over how to get health coverage for everyone that would be affordable and yet not bankrupt the United States. On March 21st, the House of Representatives voted 219 to 212 to approve a bill that would try to fix this situation. Every Republican voted against this bill as did 34 Democrats. Republicans and some Democrats fear for what this bill will mean for our economy and how it will effect the issue of abortion.

Some of the features of this bill are:

-Insurance companies can not discriminate against people based on their past medical history. They can not drop anyone based on their past medical history. If they get sick while insured the company can not drop them. This condition starts right away for children but not until 2014 for adults.

-Everyone has to buy insurance and if you can not the government will help pay for it.

-Abortion issues will not be covered by this bill.

-Large companies will have to provide insurance for their employees or face a penalty.

-To help pay for the bill, people making larger incomes will be taxed a little more.

-There will be taxes on medical devices and tanning salons

-A cap on insurance premiums for families.

-it will hopefully cover up to 95% of people.

The budget office hopes that this bill will reduce the deficit. I hope this will help people. If you have ever been without insurance during a medical situation like I have you know how costly it can be to not be able to afford insurance. However, a lot of this bill does not start until 2014 and some as late as 2020 so what are people suppose to do until 2014?