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Health Insurance (Mediclaim) Should Be Obligatory

Mimpi Gh By Mimpi Gh on
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It was when my father suffered a cardiac arrest and it required huge amount of cash to deal with the expense of treatment and medication that we decided to go for the health insurance. We knew that it would be an ongoing process of fighting the heart and the hospital bills. After having suffered a MI, a heart attack, which was subsequently treated with a coronary angioplasty, we were in the process of coming in terms with the ordeal that we faced and were about to face. Once a cardiac patient is always a cardiac patient and we were kind of counselled and convinced to believe so.

After the initial hassle, physical, emotional and monetary, we went for the medical insurance. It was without a second thought. A lot of brands, both govt and private ran after us. They just coaxed us till one actually did succeed to convince. A life after all means so much money for the agents for lifetime, quite alluring isn’t it!

We eventually ended up having each of our family members and distant family medically insured, even at the cost of the whopping premiums.

All was well, until we came to a shocking revelance. My uncle had an insurance of 3 lacs (INR)with National Insurance, India and he hadn’t cashed out any of that in 7 years. So, recently when he got hospitalised we opted for cashless mediclaim service. He was suffering a lot and to top that the insurance company came up with new queries each day. The queries were irrelevant and ridiculous! They wanted to know about ears when you had stomach problems and most weird stuffs like that! During discharge, they refused to give cashless stating some baseless denial ground and later on we had to go for reimbursement where again we were hassled like anything. Eventually, we could only manage 1/3 of the bill! I was shocked to experience the post hospitalisation services! False promises seem to have eaten up the health insurance services! Sadly so.

Why is this? It was a clear case of hospitalisation, no fakes, no lies, no out of contract clauses, they why should this be the case? Can’t these brands be more caring and little more efficient in customer service? I mean, what are they doing? Playing with sentiments of the patients? It's certainly not worth the TIME and hassle!

Update On May 09, 2010: I do not think there is anyone here who actually has ended up with a good experience with the Mediclaim policy. After all those hassle, the time and the painful ordeal - all you get, most of the times, is no cashless benefits. And that's kind of sad. But the positive part, yes we do get the reimbursement after all that we go through, if, of course, we have a clean claim regime. So, the bottomline, however bad it may sound, we must go for the medical insurance, national or private, just to bear with the increasing amount of the charges of the hospitalisation and healthcare institutions.