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Healthcare Reform Has Passed Now Let's Get It Fixed

Kimber Watson By Kimber Watson on
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When President Obama was running for office the one thing he was adamant about was changing Healthcare along with many other important changes. Since becoming the President of the United States he has taken many hits by people in politics and out of politics, I feel people are trying to make him fail or look bad. To me these people are prejudice towards the President because of his color. The sad part is these people are using the things that are too help the people by putting up road blocks and saying things that are not true so they will not look like they are prejudice. President Obama has not let these people to get in his way he keeps pushing and he has a lot more to do. One is he has to go through his list of the things to stop the government from spending frivolously so that budgett control can start happening.

While the Healthcare bill has been passed, there are many things that need to be fixed and changed I believe this is the reason it will take time to go into effect. My feeling is that what the President needs to do is bring in Medical billers from every state and have them tell the senate and the house what works and what will not work I think they should do this because they are the ones on the phone dealing with these insurance companies daily.

While making sure everyone has, coverage is important it is also important that the insurance companies who say they follow; the rules of Medicare should have to follow all the higher standards of Medicare and the rules and regulations. All medical facilities should become electronic to make the process for patients much smoother. There should not be anymore HMO it hurts patients not helps.