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Healthy Choice Premium Fudge Bars, Yum!

By joey on
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Us folks who seem to be challenged a great deal of the time by constantly having to find products that are healthy, low in fat and at the same time good tasting is quite the battle sometimes. I have bought some of the other healthy choice products as well as these fudge bars and I pretty much like them all. These fudge bars are especially delicious and very very chocolaty. I used to love fudgicles as a kid and of course I love them still as an adult. These ones from Healthy choice are only about 100 calories, no added sugar to these and they also have 5 grams of fiber and 4 grams of protein, 5 grams of sugar alcolhol, 230 mgms of potassium and of course are also low in fat. Now usually when a product is low in fat that tends to be the end of any possibility of good taste. Not so with these fudge bars. At least to me the taste of chocolate is pretty strong and I think the product really does taste quite awesome. They kind of bring back the days of the ice cream truck from good humor going through our street and my giving chase to get one of the fugicles that were sold back then. These are just as good if not better in my opinion. Now to pick up these in the local Stop and shop you pay about 5.00 dollars for six if I remember correctly. At my favorite place to shop for groceries, B.J.'S warehouse you get 18 of them in a big green box for about 8.99. A much better deal indeed. These tend to be the dessert of the house and I really have to restrain myself from eating more of these than I really should, ha ha. Sometimes I admit it is a losing battle they are so darn good. I would certainly recommend these to anyone who is trying to avoid added sugar products and wants something tasty that happens to be low in fat. I was at first very very skeptical about how these were going to taste. I have to admit, healthy choice has done it again!