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Healthy Mom Makes Healthy Family

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The goal to a healthy and happy family always starts with the head of the household. The mom, as head of the household needs to put everything in order and make sure that every member of the family is healthy, happy and well looked-after to.

In the Philippines, there's a saying that the mother is the light of the family. Without the mother's guidance and leadership at home, others will go astray. They also say that if the mother is happy, everyone is happy. Thus, we should say as well that if the mother is healthy everyone is healthy.

As a mother, we usually take ourselves for granted, more so, our health. The fact that we look after every member of the family makes us forget ourselves as we put our husband and kids our priority. But this frame of mind of all moms should change. We have to make sure that we stay fit and healthy so that we'll be able to look after our family. We cannot look after them if we cannot even take care of ourselves and the things that will keep us whole and going.

There are several things that we should do regularly and take into consideration and plan to make sure that we do not take ourselves for granted.

1) Eat healthy. This sounds simple, isn't it? But oftentimes, we just fill up our tummy with anything that we can find in the pantry or leftovers in the fridge when we are running out of time. Eating meals regularly and on time does not necessarily mean spending a lot of time in the kitchen preparing it. There are lots of choices from fruits and veggies, multi-grain bread or roll, or salads that can easily be prepared and you are ready to go.

2) Find time to exercise. This does not mean spending time in the gym. This can be as simple as taking a 15 minute brisk walking outside every morning or even in between chores or work. Parking your car a bit away from the entrance of your office or shopping center or bank will allow you to walk some distance that is as good as brisk walking exercise. Even a simple stretching in the morning or stationery jogging infront of the mirror for 10 minutes is a good exercise already.

3) Schedule appointment with your family doctor or GP (General Practitioner/doctor) for annual check-up & blood tests. This is to make sure that you have regular monitoring of cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, liver, heart etc.

4) Have an annual eye check with you optometrist. Our vision is as important as any other part of our body, but it is oftentimes taken for granted due to other priorities.

5) Consider scheduling check-up with other specialists which you deemed necessary as needs differ from person to person. Other specialists that may concern you may include obstetrician-gynecologist, podiatrist, dentist, etc.

6) Take vitamins and supplements which can help you boost your energy and, most importantly, your immune system. This is to make sure that our body is well shielded or protected from getting sick. Ask your doctor for recommendation on the best vitamins and supplements you might need.

7) Socialize. Yes, you read it right. No matter how busy we are we can still find time to socialize with our friends. This does not necessarily mean going to parties. This can be done by simply going out with your friends for a coffee or afternoon tea in your own place. Spending time with your best buddy chatting over a drink will allow you to unwind without really taking much of your time. Remember that friends can be our best stress relievers!

8) Find time to relax. There are times that we usually forget what relaxation means. We are always on the go, always active that we cannot stop ourselves from working. Some mothers have the tendency to be workaholic that they find relaxation a waste of their time or a sort of laziness. Allow yourselves to relax, find joy in sitting, watching television or simply sitting in the lounge with your family.

A busy body deserves some quiet time to recharge and find more joy in living. Remember, that mothers are indeed the light and citadel of a content, happy, and healthy home.