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Hebrew National

By margie8228 on
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Lots of people now days are very concerned with eating and drinking healthy, non fatening things. Not many people have heard of Hebrew National, it is a company that was founded in 1905. At the beginning they served the Jewish immigrant neighborhoods of New York City from its original location in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Then later in 1928 a man, who started his career by selling meat on a horse-drawn wagon, bought the company and started selling hot dogs and other meats to the local resturaunts. In 1965, Hebrew National hot dogs launched the "We Answer to a Higher Authority" ad campaign. The slogan quickly became a symbol for quality, appealing to Jews and non-Jews alike. Hebrew National has made more nutritious and flavorful foods for everyone, their kosher meats do not contain artificial coloring, by-products, or arificial flavoring or filling making them healthy and good tasting. Hebrew National is one of the leading Kosher meat processors in the world right now and is best known for it's beef franks. They also make Salami, Bologna, Knockwurst, Polish sausage, Deli meats, Sauerkraut, and Mustard. They package their products in both bulk and consumer. They are made with great care and turn out delicious and healthy, everyone should eat these meats instead of arificially flavored, and filled meats that most other companies produce. Hebrew International guarentees that they don't put by-products and artificial flavoring into their meats, that's why they are the most delicious and healthy meat out on the market today. I've been buying this product for a long time and it has been really great me and my family, everyone loves it and asks to get it again. Hebrew National wants their custumers to get the most out of their products, on their website they have some recipes for their meats that are amazing, and if you choose to buy some of their products you should check it out.