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Help For Alopecia Or Hair Loss Due To Stress

Kimber Watson By Kimber Watson on
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In the past few years, I have gone through so many different stressful things. It all started in 2005 I was assaulted by my sister of all people. At the time, I weighed about 95 lbs and she was about 200 lbs. she has always had a horrible temper since childhood. I do not allow screaming, yelling, shouting or hitting in my home and anyone who wants to miss behave in my home will be asked to leave as I had asked my sister to do that day in September in 05. When I asked her to leave because of her behavior, I did not expect to end up with a fractured rib, memory loss do to head injuries, anxiety and more. Due to all the stress and the anxiety, I started losing my hair by handfuls. When I say, handfuls I mean when I wash my hair I, loose a handful shampooing it and a handful conditioning it and another while brushing it. Many yeas ago I was informed that when you are under high stress that the best vitamins to use were prenatal, so I started to take them within three days I saw results. Within two months, I was down to little to no hair loss I am in my third month now and I am feeling great my immune system is getting a real boost and my hair loss is so much better. I told my doctor about it and they are so impressed that the prenatal vitamins were working, they wanted to me to take more medication to help with what they call Alopecia.

So if you are suffering from Alopecia I would suggest the prenatal vitamins instead of medications, I would also suggest you try it, for an autoimmune disorder, stress, Epstein-Barr or Fibromyalgia.