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Help With What You Already Have

mary60 By mary60 on
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In this time when many people are out of work and with lost jobs, we as a society need to step up as much as we can, an help to provide whatever assisantance we can. Our neighborhood has started by cleaning out our homes and donating whatever we have. We give much clothing, toys, books, household items to our Church, Salvation Army, and Recycle stores. We make sure everything is useable and in good condition. Where ever it is donated, it is resold at a much lesser price than when new. Once aweek we go door to door an collect whatever our neighbors are able to part with. Our church sells everything in clothing for 50 cents, which they only have room for. They are always in need of clothing and many things have brand names. Salvation Army in our area has been struggling also, and the donations are down, so they have had to close a store. Recycle stores usually sell large furniture, as well as other household items. We just got a Goodwill store, but i find that their prices are alot higher, than the churches or Salvation Army.

Americans are known as collectors of everything and now is the time to share with others who have less. People can't be proud when it comes to helping their families. Why not trade those clothes that your child or you have out grown, or clean out that basement. I know we all have these things hanging around for Americans buy, use, and waste alot of things. Not only will you feel better, you can also get a tax deduction.

Americans are free to give money to other countries, but i think it's time we step up and help our own. I'm sure we all know someone who's in need of help in your community. Give to America...