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Hero Or Villain?

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If I was given the chance to choose a character for myself I would pick the Villain. One reason is that I am already a villain in real life, so to speak. If I would categorize myself as how I see my personality, I would say I may be an Anti-Villain. Even though I wreak havoc in most people’s lives, like maybe influence them to not study for exams or to stall them in finishing a project, I do have a clear vision as to why I promote that sometimes. There is a conviction for something in the grand scheme of things. That’s just what I think anyways.LOL

However, being that this article is inspired by a hypothetical question, my definite answer would be originating from imagination. I would still choose to be a villain given the option. Villains just make a story more interesting. The villains seemingly control the flow of any story. They give the situations that the heroes have to address. If villains didn’t do something not right (not necessarily wrong), then the heroes would not even have the chance to be heroes. Villains in this sense may not be an actual person or character. They could be a thought or an idea that conflicts with the heroes’ being.

Having established why I would prefer to be a villain, I would also rather be the kind of villain that is playful and amusing. I do like action but I am not one for violence, so if Im going to make the hero go “crazy”, we should all have fun doing it. I picked this particular type of villain category because it seems the opposite of how I am. Im mostly serious in mood or tone while going about my daily life so at least, even in imagination, I could have fun a bit. Tricksters aren’t really that much of a villain. From what I understand, they are just annoying nuisances that hinder the heroes’ progression. Makes me think of those stories where a “dwende”(mystical elf/dwarf) hides the things you’re most looking for at a particular time, only to find it in plain sight when you don’t really need it anymore. Then again, I guess it would depend on the premise of the story itself.

What attracts me to the Trickster villain archetype is its ability to provide the comic relief in the story, all the while messing things up or messing the heroes’ psyche just for the fun of it. This also provides a lot of possible twists and turns in a storyline just because of its unpredictable nature. In spite of that, there can also be moments on some plots where the heroes actually learn something that is essential to his development as a hero character amidst all the chaos that the Trickster has brought upon him.

Ah well, if I was a Trickster villain spurned by the heroes’ defenses, I can always definitely rely on my creativity.