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High School Days At Facebook

Crissy Taruc By Crissy Taruc on
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One of the sites I frequently visited is my Facebook account. At first I must say that I got interested to create an account in Facebook to enjoy the different applications (games) of the site. I do my blogging at night the time where my kids and hubby are peacefully sleeping. I intermittently play games to relax and fight my sleepiness. But as I go on with Facebook I appreciate other things I can do within the site especially locating my old old friends.

Currently, my high school batch mates (1990) are doing some kind of a project wherein we collate our old pictures and we will make a presentation for that. The in-charge is planning to upload it in YouTube. It is a group project to celebrate our 10th year anniversary since our high school graduation. I really can't help but laugh seeing our old looks then. I can't believe how skinny most of us then and the hair really rocks. We keep on laughing online as we one by one see the initial set of pictures.

Another good thing with these social networking websites is that we can be able to acquaint and calls for personal help within friends. I have a high school classmate who is a real estate agent asking for help in marketing his real properties online. We came across in Facebook and since then we worked out the online marketing aspect of the business.

Facebook come a favorite not only for those 13 years old and above but even to elementary students as well. Why not? With all the games and chatting they can do whose kids will let that pass. But I regulate my daughter's usage.

Thanks Facebook for not only killing my sleepiness but also for bringing back old friends and for being the way to keep different relationships in touch.