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Hip Logic Spark: Ultimate Smartphone Multifunctional App

Mimpi Gh By Mimpi Gh on
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HipLogic’s Spark aims to give smartphones the ultimate real-time home screen experience. Spark is a skin that turns your phone into a smartie. With widgets like Weather, Deals, Facebook & Twitter, Shortcuts and Update status, think of it as a sense-style interface that works with almost any smartphone.

Now, what is a smartphone?

Smartphones are cellular phones that come with built-in applications like internet access, digital voice service, text messaging, e-mail, web browsing, still and video cameras, MP3 player and video viewing and many other smart features. The multifunctional applications virtually turn a smartphone into a mobile computer.

What is HipLogic?

HipLogic is a private company funded by Benchmark Capital, Bay Partners. With expanding partners like Twitter, Facebook, CBS, The Associated Press, Sky News, Weatherbug and Groupon - HipLogic has successfully developed a next-gen mobile application platform that redefines the way people look at the mobile phones today.

What does Spark actually do?

You get 5 default widgets when you install the Spark. Most are self-explanatory. The most popular is the Facebook & Twitter application, which comes with full functionality. That means tweets, retweets, photo uploads, pokery, games, beside the lunch based updates. Other applications include:

Calender App:

The calendar app sounds really handy. It combines appointments, birthdays, events and items you have fed your phone with. You will never miss anything again!

Headlines App:

You can receive the live News, opinions and entertainment news streams from CBS on your phone's home screen. You can share news links or post them directly from Spark to Facebook, Twitter or SMS within the Spark interface.

Deals App:

You will find this interesting, if you are a traveling business person. Getting instant access to daily deals based on your preferences is just a matter of a click, and you get to stay in touch with the national and international deals even when you are holidaying.

Update status App:

You can simplify your social activity by updating your status to multiple social networks in one go. And with the shortcut button you can access all your favorites such as email, contacts, messaging and games with the flick of a finger.

Pretty useful! Is that it?

Yes. However, it doesn’t work with iphones - something many would find a deterrant. It will work on anything running Android 1.5 or later, Windows mobile 6, Symbian S60.

Spark is aimed for the people who are Android users, social-networking fanatics and not quite phone geeks like me. The good news is that, Spark is about to launch a software for the geeks who want to customise the spark widgets having a multiple real-time home screen experience.

Now, the best part- Spark adds functionality to your cell phone free of charge! Isn't it great!