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Everyone should have a hobby! Dictionary.com describes a hobby this way: "an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation"

The whole point of having a hobby is to have that thing you love to do for pleasure and relaxation. It adds interest and meaning to a life that might otherwise be just work, work, work! We are so fortunate to live in a time when we have the luxury of "me" time. It is good to have something to look forward to and it is especially good to have a release from the stress that our day to day struggles can cause.

If you have children, you should pay attention to their interests and try to nurture the interests that stand out. Then, if necessary, provide lessons for them that will help them to gain skill in that area of interest. Piano lessons or dance lessons come to mind. Martial Arts and gymnastics might be other options.

The hobbies of the men in my life are what prompted me to write this article. My dad has enjoyed woodworking all his life. He always had a shop in the garage and would "tinker" on his time off. He taught himself how to build model ships and ships in bottles when he was a college student and perfected his skill through the year. Now Dad is 83 years old and it is getting a little difficult to make his hands put all the tiny parts just where he wants them, but the ship in my pictures is one he built just two years ago. It has working running lights (lanterns) and everything. He built a number of ships throughout his retirement which has kept him busy and happy. He also has designed and built birdhouses for a number of years. Cartooning is another hobby he enjoys. When we go to visit, he breaks out his loose leaf notebooks full of his original cartoons. Some of them ARE really funny, and they are all drawn well and colored with colored pencils. I am just so thankful that Dad has these things he loves to do to keep his hands and mind busy in his old age.

My husband plays guitar. He taught himself to play when he was 16 years old. He played in a band then which is how we met! He has kept up with his playing all these years and is a skilled and talented player. Enjoying both electric and acoustic styles, he never lacks for something to do in his leisure time because he always seems to have tunes running through his mind. He has never made any real money with this talent, but he doesn't really care - he just loves to make music.

Likewise, our son who is nearly 18 has learned to play guitar as well. He started his music journey learning to play piano which he has excelled at. So he has two instruments that he can bring to life whenever the mood strikes him. He is still young and may find further hobbies as he goes through life.

Having a hobby just makes life more fulfilling. It is a creative outlet that gives us something to feel good about and it often also gives pleasure to the people who surround us.