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Hobby For Fun Frugal Moms

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I have started to make display materials and items since I was a little kid. I was the kind of kid who would make my own toys, display items for my bedroom and make something out of trash or seem-to-be-unnecessary stuffs.

The display bottles I have in my kitchen right now is just few of the pieces that received lots of compliments from my family and friends. Modesty aside, they are really beautiful and can be mistaken to be expensive display items bought in home shops.

These bottles were once empty olive oil bottles. One night, my husband came from work with a bottle of extra virgin olive oil from his shop. He said he wanted to try this olive oil and at the same time he liked the design of the bottle which was inspired by the World Cup a couple of years ago. The olive oil did not last long. I splurged it on green salads and roasted vegetables which my husband love. I felt like I would waste this beautiful bottle if I just throw it in the bin. I thought I would make something out of it. Since then I always ask my husband to bring the same olive oil and he did. When I have already collected three of those empty bottles I cleaned them, dry them and put some dried stuff from my pantry in one of them. I put colored water in the other two. The outcome turned beautiful. Simple yet elegant.

I put those bottles on my kitchen top. I still have a couple of those bottles and I am thinking of painting them. Once painted, I can put them in my lounge room. They will surely look beautiful.

This hobby is not only fun but saves me from spending on expensive decorative items. If you love art, decorating or painting, why not turn empty bottles and even cheap clay pots into masterpiece? This idea can also be good for business if you are a business-minded person.