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Holidays Are Approaching Let's Begin Preparation

Kathleen Huertas By Kathleen Huertas on
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Well here we are, fall is approaching us, the temperature is beginning to drop and the holidays are coming starting with Halloween all the way to Christmas.

Everyone of us should start budgeting for these important and fun Holidays and the birthdays in between, we should plan effectively so we don't start having difficulty paying those Holiday bills after the New Year.

When you have all the people you know who are attending, you can definitely plan without overspending, or not having enough

The best time to prepare for your Thanksgiving Day dinner are in the weeks before. You will see sales, coupons and the Thanksgiving items needed to make it well worth the family meal.

Most grocery stores offer free turkeys or an inexpensive one depending on what you spend, just make sure it's the correct size according to your guests. If you spend just a little money each week for Thanksgiving, you won't get slammed with the outrageous bill at the end of the month, so try to pick up all the odds and ends and try to avoid last minute shopping that can lead to an empty wallet.

And, so you don't spend 90% of your time in the kitchen and away from your guests, remember there many dishes you can prepare the night before. Things like sweet potatoes, cut the carrots, prepare the spinach, peel potatoes and keep them in cold water and covered, the pies or cakes, etc., that way you can focus on the turkey and the wonderful stuffing recipe Mom gave you, which is a lot easier to prepare than all the side dishes.

If you want to save some extra money if things are tight this year, try having a pot luck and have some guests prepare certain dishes and bring them or have someone make some pies and treats. This helps save you time and money, just don't expect it, remember you are the host and they are here to relax, eat and enjoy.

If you like to decorate for the day, the dollar stores have plenty of items to make your day nice and cheery and in the spirit. You can even go outside and get some pine-cones and leaves and have the kids decorate them for festivity, it is important to include children in the spirit of Thanksgiving.

Family tradition is always memorable and inexpensive, but if you want to start a new tradition, try something like going around the table and telling everyone what you're thankful for, we do this anyway, but you can have everyone sign the Thanksgiving tablecloth in permanent marker or ink. Just think of how many memories will be created by this simple process and all you need is a nicely colored flat sheet and a marker or pen and your memories begin. Remember Thanksgiving is a day of Thanks, so be Thankful for all you have as family and friends are the best blessings to cherish forever.