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Holy Week In The Philippines

By ladychai on
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Philippines being mostly a christian country has high respects with celebrating the death of Christ. This is what is considered to be a week of repentance, cleansing of soul and changing of ways.

apart from the usual commemoration of the holy week, one will see churches flocked with church-goers everyday during the holy week. There are also street processions, a prayer vigil with the sector's main sacred statue, re-enacment of the passion of Christ which is usually aired on the television, visiting holy grounds where there are stations of the cross and people would stop to every station to pray and of course, the more orthodox repentance march of self-flagellation and the actual crucifixion of people who is willing to repent for others by having themselves nailed at a cross.

A myth told to children every holy week is that one should not bleed during holyweek as the wound will no longer heal. This myth is actually to make sure that children will not play during the lenten season and would stay indoors.

The celebration will finish with a dawn procession of two opposite directions towards the church, this procession is actually the meeting of Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin, there will be a stage play of the passion of Christ as well, this is called "the senakulo". The stage play will end with the hanging of Judas Iscariot and the burning of his effigy then an angel, usually a little girl dressed in an angel costume, will either appear from the "heavens" or will be hoisted towards the body of Christ to signal his rising. The end of the play is usually timed with the sun rising and there will be fireworks afterwards. People will then have food served in their houses, in Cebu we serve Binignit during holy week.

In this travelog you will see a glimpse of how Philippines, more specific in Luzon, celebrate holyweek in an orthodox way. In the Visayas region, one bizzare celebration is that of Bantayan Island, Cebu [ see related post: Bantayan].

Philippines is very rich rich in culture and traditions and this is every evident in every celebrations, Philippines have.