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Home Depot Or Lowe's?

Joan Young By Joan Young on
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Is there a difference? Yes, I now exclusively choose Lowe’s. I had several years to give Home Depot a try before Lowe’s chose to also build in our rural area.

As a small woman, now with gray hair, I suppose I don’t look like a serious do-it-yourself contender. Little do they know that I could easily hold my own selling hardware and tools. On several visits to Home Depot I was treated rudely or totally ignored. This infuriates me.

One time I went looking for someone who could answer questions for me when the fluorescent light bulbs were new, and we were all trying to learn about them. More than once I approached an employee, and as soon as they saw me coming they turned and disappeared down another aisle.

The final straw was when I went to purchase a quarter sheet of plywood. The one I wanted was in a top bin that I could not reach. Employees sidled off in other directions when I saw them. I returned to the plywood racks and was contemplating whether I could climb up the shelving. All the ladders are marked, “For your safety, employees only, ” of course.

Then a tall, friendly customer came by and asked if he could help. I explained that I’d been looking for an employee. “Good luck with that, ” he said. He then asked if HE could help me and, not being a complete idiot, I allowed him to reach that piece of wood for me.

On the other hand, at Lowe’s I am always treated with respect. I was carefully shown the difference between the various jig saws when I made a purchase, with no condescension of attitude. I am always able to find someone there to locate or explain products. Employees look for customers to help rather than scoot off to find solitary jobs.

I made the switch to Lowe’s and have never looked back