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Homemade Summer Coolers

Crissy Taruc By Crissy Taruc on
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El Niño really gives tremendous heat that even staying at home will make you feel exhausted, brings headache and never ending thirst. Summer season is just beginning and selling summer coolers is booming. You can find it everywhere: at malls, restaurants and along the streets. Aside from those places these summer coolers can also be found at home like ours. Yes! I made some of those for the family especially on weekends.

Why I make homemade summer coolers? My top reason is for my family's safety. Our Department of Health or DOH made statement about the safety of these summer coolers. Some vendors are using artificial sweetener like "magic sugar" which is bad and not for human consumption. Prices of cane sugar continue to rise and maybe that's one reason for these vendors to use artificial sweetener. But how will I know if they use cane sugar or magic sugar?

I cannot gamble my family's health and safety and besides making homemade summer coolers is easy and fun too. My first move is to buy ice plastic so I can make clean ice at home. The other thing I need is an ice crusher which I bought for 100 pesos. Then I bought 3 big cans of evaporated milk which is commonly pours in those summer coolers. The ingredients that I need to buy will depend on what cooler I will prepare for the family. Below are some summer coolers I prepare for the family:


Needed: 1 can of whole corn, cane sugar, evaporated milk, crushed ice

Preparations: Put the corn in a bowl then add the cane sugar. After that send in the crushed ice and pour the evaporated milk.


Needed: several pieces of saba, brown sugar, egg-yellow food coloring, vanilla flavoring, water, evaporated milk, crushed ice

Preparations: Put water in a saucepan then add brown sugar and vanilla flavoring. Stir in to dissolve. Let it simmer for 5-10 minutes. Then add the peeled saba (you can simmer it as is or cut into half) and the food coloring. Simmer it until saba is tender. Let it warm. In a bowl put the saba then add crushed ice. Add some saba syrup and finally the evaporated milk.

Kind of easy indeed and with that I'm sure it is safe too. Want to try my easy-to-prepare homemade summer coolers?