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Homeschool And My Child

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I value education and the giving of quality education for my child. But where I am, not too many people agree with me that homeschooling is the best option for my child.

One of the reasons why I want to homeschool my child is that schools where I am are getting more crowded. The population of students are rising and I believe that many students, especially those who do not really perform well, are not given enough attention. Their learning capacities may be different from others and they cannot cope well. So I want to be able to give ample attention and guidance to my child.

Second, I have met many teachers and heard many horror stories against teachers. Many teachers in local schools could not pronounce English words correctly or do not use proper grammar. So I shudder at the thought of them teaching my child. I am not perfect, but I believe I am better off teaching my child.

Third and most important for me is spiritual direction. I want my relationship with my child like that of our Savior and His disciples. He taught them until they became more like Him. I would want my child to learn biblical values, not that of twisted teachers and classmates.

Fourth, financially, homeschooling children is soooo much cheaper. I would save from uniforms, transportation, allowance, tuition and miscellaneous fees, not to mention the donations and school projects.

Many people think that homeschool kids are at a disadvantage. I think not. If my baby is homeschooled, I can teach her at her own pace. And I can teach her household chores and other skills needed for survival. We can go on vacations and adventures anytime because we are not limited by the school year.

In terms of social interaction, she can have them in church, Sunday school, music classes, dance classes, etc. There is no problem with that.

I can only think of many more advantages and benefits to homeschool than that of regular school.