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Homework Too Much?

Luke Kazmierski By Luke Kazmierski on
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Your student comes home from school, and you ask, want to go Friendly's for dinner? Unfortunately, their facial expression says it all. With your kid's fatigued face they say, "sorry, I have three pages of algebra homework, at least an hour of English, and a project for social studies. I'd love to if I could though." Well, there goes your dinner plan, and you feel very sorry for him with this truckload of schoolwork. Then you start thinking to yourself, "is the school giving him too much homework?"

This question is asked myriad of times in these typical situations. Well, first let's look towards the following statistics: First off, the successful country averages are in Denmark, Japan, and the Czech Republic. This is due to the little homework that teachers give. On the other hand, countries such as Iran, Greece, and Thailand, teachers give an abundance of homework, and those countries obtain the lowest scores worldwide.

In addition, when teachers get formal teacher training, they are not taught or get guidance in the field of giving homework. So most teachers, without any help or guidance, just give what they think is ok or fair, which sometimes be hours worth.

Some professors that study in the field of homework say that there should only be about an hour to two hours of homework for high school students. I believe this is a reasonable amount, but there has been reports of high school teachers giving up to more, such as four or more hours. Teenagers need at least 9.25 hours of sleep to stay active, but homework can put a stop to that at some nights.

So, what can one assume from these statistics? Does homework influence the results of students test or quiz scores? Is America giving too much homework, too little, or just right. My personal opinion, according to known statistics and theorems, I must say we must at least TRY to follow the methods of Japan. Trying to see if this works might improve our student's scores, GPA, and sleep habits.