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Household Heat

By breanna on
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My family is very large causing us to have a larger house than most. If anyone would know how hard it is to heat a large home it's my family. Gas is expensive, not only that but everyone with children know how hard it is to manage money. One of the most important things that occur every winter is how are we going to pay for heat? The Corn burning stove is a great way to heat your home without pollutants and the hassle of wood or kerosene. Burning shelled corn as a fuel can be a great way of dealing with the high priced fuels such as fuel oil, propane, natural gas, coal, and firewood. Using corn as a fuel does not compete with the food supply and it is a safer way to heat your home. It holds heat better, smells nicer, and its released gasses are less harmful than those of wood pellets and firewood. Corn Burning Stove helps save energy and money. Burning Shelled Corn to Produce Heat Energy is much better for the environment as well as the people in your household. This renewable energy source is much safer and cleaner than other fuels in many ways. Compare corn stoves to other pellet stoves such as wood pellet stoves, and you'll see that corn heaters are hotter, cleaner, and more efficient. The corn is also easer to store than most other heating products like wood pellets or firewood. The bags of corn may be kept in a shed, outside under a tarp, in your basement, or even under a bed. With firewood it must be kept outside and you run the risk of termites, rodents and insects living in your wood. Wood can also carry very harmful bacteria's inside it. When wood becomes wet it begins to rot and mold, some molds can attract poisonous bugs and the mold its self can become harmful. When the wood is then burned inside your home for heat it not only releases a horrid smell but also possibly very harmful fumes.