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How Does My Garden Grow

Kimber Watson By Kimber Watson on
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In the Spring and summer my favorite place to be is in my garden, it is so calming and refreshing to be one with my plants and the earth below my feet. I have three loves in life besides all my kids, my husband and soul mate, my animals who make me feel so loved and then there is my garden,

I love when spring comes and my plants come alive all the pretty colors and more than anything my beautiful roses. I love my roses there are so many different colors and smells. I love my double delights the fragrance is the most wonderful smell ever.

My husband laughs at me when I say I am going out to look for flowers because I always come home with at least three rose bushes and some kind of annual ground cover. I not only love my roses I love my morning glories, wild flowers, sunflowers and my cherry blossom tree.

My friends say that roses are hard to grow and I always disagree, to make my garden grow I keep the ground moist and fertile my weeds are pulled and I make sure the soil is always tilled I cut off the dead roses to promote new growth.

I also use fungicide on all my roses and bushes; someone had told me about it so I decided to try it. I think at the time I purchased it the cost was about $ 2.99 at Wal - Mart it keeps my roses green all year round and the blooms are beautiful. I have even been able to grow roses where people have told me they will not grow in the shade.

My therapy is my garden spring and summer, my animals all year round all of them are the best therapy.