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How I Got Rid Of My Migraines

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I use to be a migraine suffer I say use to because it has been six months since my last attack of headaches. My headaches use to be so bad that I could not go to work or study when I was in school it left me paralyzed until my episode had ended. I am writing this article on a few changes I made in my life that helped eliminate and possibly remove my migraines for good.

Doctors prescribed everything; they had for migraine headaches for me. I did not want to take medication anymore because the medications only worked temporarily and I was very tired of taking pills. I decided as an alternative to start a journal to pin point my migraine triggers that way I can know what triggered my migraines. It was not long after that I realized certain foods triggered my migraines as well as a few activities.

I use to be a heavy coffee drinker and was disappointed to find out after keeping my journal that coffee was one of my big migraine triggers, along with my morning pineapple fruit cup, the assorted bag of nuts I kept on my desk and the peas in my rice.

Sweets have always been my weakness and they had to go as well. With so many things cut from my diet, what I had to end up doing which is extreme I decided to eat only salads without fruit or nuts or meat. Then I gradually added different meats to my salad along with different fruit to pin point faster which of the foods I ate were also migraine triggers. I am not eating just salad anymore and I am happy to have done this because now I can function without being in fear of another migraine attack.

Eliminating certain foods from my diet reduced my migraines and I had mild headaches that still happened so In addition to the different foods I realized that some of the chemical processes I took part in also helped trigger my migraines. I am a big fan of coloring and use to color my hair often and it was not long after I decided to do away with the color and the perms and then my migraines stopped all together. I use only rinses now rather than permanent colors.

In addition I have joined a gym and I go regularly and that has helped to manage stress, I wasn't stressed out to begin with but I find working out has made me even more relaxed and energized and I hope having done all of this never to experience another migraine headache again.