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How Many Computers Do You Need?

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I got to thinking, in this modern day and age, when almost everyone has access to a computing unit (whether a desktop, laptop, a cellphone computer, etc.), how early should one expose his or her child to the use of computers? And the other question would be, should children have their own unit at home? Should each member in the household have his or her own personal computer? Would that be wise?

This is the question that I pose, not for financial or practical reasons, but for sound judgment. The rationale these days is that, if you can afford to give one to your child, then why not? But is it practical and at some point, wise?

Number 1, at what age should children be allowed to use computers? We may be amazed at how advanced kids are when they are able to navigate through the desktop and effectively click on the mouse and push the keys on the keyboard. But up to what extent? We worry when they use too much computer. Many become lethargic and obese for lack of exercise, while other wind up with eye and hand problems.

Number 2 concern is the effect of the use of the computer on the thought patterns and behavior of the child. Do they need to mature some more at some point before they are able to use the computer? Shouldn't we put a standard, like what we use for toys? Additionally, having internet is the breeding ground for the learning of wrong values and the exposure of your child to things that otherwise you would not teach. Although there are advantages, the wrong things that they may absorb from the unsupervised use of the computer and internet far outweigh the benefits.

So, if you are a parent of young children in this modern society, what would you choose?