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How My King Makes Chicken Ala King

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My husband fancies himself as a rather competent individual when it comes to slinging hash and flipping burgers in the kitchen. He's never shy about combining foods and making something completely new and different that actually ends up tasting quite good.

So, a few months ago when he began purchasing these "soups that you eat with a fork" and he happened upon one called Chicken Ala King which he found especially tasty, he was on the hunt to create this dish himself. After reading the ingredients on the can he went out and purchased what he believed would work well to create a similar tasting meal. I have to say that he did a pretty good job of it because the family loved it!

Now, to be fair, my husband cooks like I do - a little of this, a little of that, at a certain temperature for as many minutes as it appears to require in order to be decently cooked, but I'll spare you the guessing by providing you with an actual recipe. This Chicken Ala King dish is terrific over puff pastry shells - those that are particularly flaky work wonderfully. You can also spoon it over toast triangles or slices or just ladle into large bowled coffee cups and sprinkle with a bit of Parmesan cheese, freshly ground pepper and just a hint of freshly ground sea salt. Top with a sprig of Parsley if desired.

If you are particularly comfortable in the kitchen and enjoy putting together meals that really stick to the ribs, you might enjoy making your own "bread bowls" and serving this in them...guaranteed a fabulous winter dish, especially great after an afternoon of cross country skiing, skating, downhill skiing or any outdoor activity that calls for an inviting touch of inner warmth and comfort afterward.

This has become a family favorite and I love it for another reason - my husband takes over the kitchen (as a matter of fact I'm not even allowed in the kitchen when he makes this dish) and cleanup is a breeze! This will fast become a family favorite of yours as well. For a change simply replace the chicken with turkey or you can even replace chicken with tuna although I'm not sure what that would actually taste like although I'm told it is quite good, especially if you are a seafood lover.


2-3 cans of condensed cream of Mushroom soup (don't worry if you don't like this soup normally - you don't even taste it. I have never had mushroom soup and it blended so well into the overall dish that I didn't even notice it)

2-3 cans of condensed cream of Chicken soup

1-2 cups water (1 cup if using 2 cans of each soup and 2 cups if using 3 cans of each soup)

1 can of peas (15oz) (drained or undrained as you desire)

1 pound boneless skinless chicken breasts cooked and diced

Puff pastry, Toast triangles, biscuits or bread bowl (optional as desired)


This dish is simply a mix and almost forget type - using a Slow cooker, a large pot on the stove or even an electric roaster pan you simply add all the ingredients together except for the peas, stir to combine well and heat through. If using the slow cooker the meal will be heated through in about an hour, a large pot set to medium low will take roughly 20 minutes and an electric roaster pan set to 250 will take about the same amount of time. Once heated through add the peas and allow them to heat through as well.

Once sufficiently heated, pour into bowls in which you have placed a puff pastry shell, 2 toast triangles or biscuits (optional) or into a freshly baked and yummy looking bread bowl, and ladle Chicken Ala King into the bowl. Top with Parmesan cheese and a sprig of Parsley if desired. This dish can also be served as part of a meal that includes creamy mashed potatoes and your family's favorite veggies on the side.

Additional serving tip

To create individual "bowls" simply take slices of bread and form them into little bowls by pressing them into cupcake pans and toast them in the oven til baked into shape (approx 8-10 minutes at 350). Watch carefully to avoid burning. Then place Chicken Ala King into each bread "bowl" and serve. Or perhaps you would like to make your own bread bowls from scratch?

Note: Be prepared to want 2nds!