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How To Build Your Twitter Followers Free

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You have a Twitter account that you want to use to make money by tweeting adverts from Sponsored Tweets or MyLikes. Unless you happen to be a celebrity, how do you go about getting a lot of followers in a relatively short space of time? I have a neat little method that works and that doesn't get your Twitter account suspended!

Firstly, I need to point out that this method works for getting untargeted followers and for building up your follower count. It's good if you want to add "value" to your account so that you get paid more per tweet. This is not for those looking for targeted followers but there again making your Twitter account look really popular by having lots of followers is a help to attracting targeted followers so there is some value in this for that purpose.

The Basics

You obviously need a Twitter account, that should go without saying but these tips won't help you if haven't got one! You will also need to make sure that you fill out your bio, upload a photo or logo, add a website link and have a half decent background. Without these you are likely to lose followers when they check out your profile.

You also need to make sure that you tweet regularly or, at the very least, have some sort of autoposting facility established so that you are posting links to interesting articles. I will explain how to do this in detail in a later article on how to earn money from Twitter but if you already know how then that's good but otherwise you will have to manually tweet for a while.

One important thing is that you should never worry about how many people you are following. The methods I have set out below will make the number of people you are following increase but it is not important. In any event, if you are following lots of people you might well see a link to something interesting (that's how I came across this site!).

Ready to go. Here we are, how to get the followers.

Getting Followers

Free Follwers #1 - Twiends

Firstly, sign up to Twiends. Once you have signed up, you will note that you have 25 credits. There is a link that says "free credits", click on it and then click on "signing up to my feed". Enter your name and e-mail address and then go to your e-mail and click on the link. Once you are back into Twiends, you will now have 125 credits.

There is then a big green button on the right hand side of the screen that says "Tweet" - click on it and a message will be sent to your Twitter account promoting Twiends. You now have 150 points.

Follow the people that are listed by clicking the button "Twiend" underneath their avatars but ONLY twiend those with five points or more. Anything below five points are a waste of time but at the end of the process you should have between 200 and 300 points.

That's it for that site but the great about Twiends is that you will get an e-mail every so often giving you free credits. When you get in, sign in and enter the voucher number and then you have 75 or 50 points added to your account and whilst you're there, you might as well click on the referral link again. This bit happens down the road but it's well worth knowing about it because it does help to grow your following.

Log in to Twiends once a day and follow offering 5 credits or more - others will follow you.

Free Followers #2 - CredFollow

CredFollow is a similar system to Twiends except that there isn't feed to give you free credits.

However you do follow people for credits in the same way and earn credits for each one - again I recommend only following those offering 5 credits or more.

To gain credits you can tweet message under the "How to earn more 50 or 100 credits" (that is what it says, it's not my grammar!). You simply click on the "Retweet" button and get 75 credits for each message retweeted!

Log into CredFollow every day and follow those offering 5 credits or more.

You actually earn 25 credits for referring people to CredFollow so it is worth tweeting your referral link every now and then.

Free Followers #3 - Trademtweets

This is a mutual following site where you follow others and others follow you automatically once you log in. Simply go to Trademtweets and enter your Twitter details. Wait until it finishes and voila you have between 15 and 100 followers.

Two important things to note here is that firstly, if you use Firefox you will be told that this has been reported as a phishing site. Internet Explorer 8 and Google Chrome don't report this and I have used this program an awful and never had a problem but obviously it is up to you to exercise discretion.

The second this is that your username must not contain any special characters, i.e. it only contain letters and numbers, to work on this site. If you have a username that contains underscores or anything like that, then it is worth changing it if you want to take advantage of this site.

I recommend that you log into Trademtweets three times a day but note that everytime you use it, a message is posted to your account and you can't use the site if their message was the last one to be tweeted. If it is the last one, I simply delete the message or send out another tweet.

Free Followers #4 - Seguidor

This is a Brazilian site that is a follower exchange which is another way of saying it's a mutual follow. Simply go to Seguidor and enter your Twitter details. If you want to see what you're doing in English then click on the American flag in the top right hand corner before entering your Twitter details. You will get a list of your new followers and then log out.

I suggest that you log into Seguidor and go through the process three times a day.

Free Followers #5 - Big Follow

Big Follow is another Brazilian site and it works in exactly the same way as Seguidor. Again, I recommend using this site three times a day.

Random Tweeps

This site is exactly what the name suggests - you follow a random number of people and another random number of people will follow you. Go to RandomTweeps, and log in using Twitter's oAuth. Click the "? Follow Tweeps" button and wait for a few minutes - you will then be told that you have X number of random people following you and that you are following Y number of random tweeps.

This is a really good site and it doesn't tweet a message to your timeline to say that you're using it. I suggest using this site three times a day.

Follow Friday

Every Friday on Twitter there is a "tradition" of recommending people to follow, called FollowFriday (found under the hashtags #FollowFriday and #ff). Use it - pick someone you're following that is also following you and suggest them because the chances are that they will suggest you to their friends. This doesn't always work but it's worth a try because 9 times out of 10 you will recommendation back!

Things To Avoid

There are certain sites or actions that you might be tempted to use or do to rapidly increase your Twitter following. If any of these are amongst, I strongly suggest that you avoid them.

Rinse & Repeat

There are a great many Twitter "gurus" that recommend the rinse and repeat method of gaining followers. This is where you follow a lot of people, wait to see who follows you back and then unfollow those that didn't. The process is repeated every few days.

This is one sure fire way to get your Twitter account suspended unless you really know how to game the system. If you follow too many people or unfollow too many people in a certain period then Twitter will suspend your account and all your hard work goes down the drain!

Twitter Follower Trains

Avoid these things like the plague. Twitter follower trains usually have terms of service that are extremely unfair and very often lead to your account being suspended by Twitter.

They usually require you to follow all VIP's (one site has over 2, 000) and then 20 others followers before you can even begin to get followers yourself. In addition, they spam your account with links to their site - some of them send out a message as often as every two hours (that will really annoy your followers and they will unfollow you in droves!).

Let Get More Followers, Plus Followers & Hit Follow

These three sites, probably operated by the same person or persons, are a menace. Sign up in one and all three of them will spam your timeline with messages advertising their site to your followers. Not only does it annoy your followers but you will get pretty annoyed too.

Paying For Followers

Why would you want to pay for followers when you can get them for free? There's many sites out there that charge you for getting followers, anywhere from $5 for 50 followers to one site charging $15, 000 for 100, 000. Avoid them because with a bit of effort then you will build up a good following.

How Many Followers Will I Get?

Using my method at the frequencies I have suggested, you should easily be able to get around 100 followers a day, so every ten days your following should grow by around a 1000 people. Bear in mind that some people will unfollow you after a while but as long as you persevere then after a weeks you should have a nice tidy following.

Update On Jul 08, 2010: I just found another great site to add followers for free - it's called Infinite Adds where you add people for credit & get referral credits.