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How To Check A Google Page Rank

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A higher Google Page Rank will increase the chances that a web page will be seen by someone using a Google search engine. A low Google Page rank will bury a web site deeper into the Google search pages. A low Google page rank could mean that a website or webpage is rarely seen, if ever. Chances are the interested party will find the information he or she is looking for within the first few pages or give up looking. It takes a dedicated researcher to filter through page after page.

Obviously page one will get the most attention and greatly enhance the probability that a web page will be seen form a Google search. Every website cannot reside on page one. A better page rank increases the chances that a website or web page will be viewed, so how does someone go about checking a Google Page Rank? I use PageRank Checker to check out the Google page rank for web pages that I am researching.

PageRank Checker is a free tool that allows someone to check the Google Page Rank of any web page. Simply copy the URL of the interested site and paste into the designated box. Web pages can also be typed in manually. After the web page has been entered into the box click on the ‘Check PR’ icon. You are then instructed to type in the anti-bot code. This is to verify that a human is using the PageRank Checker tool and not a computer macro. After typing in the anti-bot code click ‘Verify Now’. The Google Page Rank will then be displayed. Bear in mind that every web page may not have a Google Page Rank and zero is a legitimate rank.

The Google Page Rank tool can also be added to your website by copying the HTML code and inserting it into your web site HTML document. Whether you are interested in the Google Page Rank of a web page or enhancing your web site, PageRank Checker can be a useful tool.