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How To Choose A Good Pair Of Kitchen Shears!

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Kitchen shears can be the most important tool in the kitchen, and is more useful than a knife. Because of the multi-functional features, Kitchen shears can be used for tasks like snipping herbs, trimming green vegetables or beans, cutting raw meat, opening food packages and cracking nuts etc. Kitchen shears are more handy and useful than any knife

Here are some important tips for choosing a good pair of kitchen shears or scissors for your kitchen:

Handles: Handles of the pair of shears should be easy to grip, firm, durable and made of non-slippery materials like rubber or plastic instead of metals.

In order to fit well in your hand the Kitchen shears should be of the right size and design. If you are a left hander, choose a pair that are designed specially for left handed persons.

The right choice of shears should be able to be sharpened. Even a good pair of scissors looses its sharpness over the time. Rather then buying a new pair, it is advised to purchase the ones which can be sharpened. Some also come with detachable blades which can easily be replaced. It is better to purchase some replacement blades in advance, as well.

The blades of your kitchen shears should either be made of stainless steel or, other rust proof metal.

Kitchen shears should have a removable bolt in order to clean it easily. Especially after cutting the bits of raw meat. Fat clings to the blades, so always look for a pair that can be opened/ separated by removing the bolt.

Always look for straight-bladed shears, instead of the curved ones.

How to Maintain :

Kitchen shears should be hand-washed and not in the dishwasher, as this can damage the blades, and make sure to dry them up with a soft, clean cotton cloth before storing.