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How To Choose Your College Major

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Every year students graduate from high school. Many choose to go to college. I went myself but I was lost when it came to choosing my college major. I had ideas of my own but I also had many outside influences affecting my decision. I ultimately opted for what my parents thought would be good for me.

My oldest daughter is college bound. For years, she has told me she would be a Marine Biologist. Last year, unexpectedly, she told me she would be majoring in Music Education. I was dumbfounded. Of course, she is an excellent musician and will make a superb band director. She recently got her acceptance letter to the school she wants to attend. She auditioned for the school of music and made it in. The choice she made to become a music teacher is a good one based on knowledge and experience.

So, how do you choose your college major? You do not have to decide right away. Once you are accepted into the college you desire, you can go with an undeclared major. For some, this is a great option because you may come upon a class, or idea, while taking your general requirements that strikes you as the perfect fit. Remember, the major you choose as a college freshman can be changed. Nothing is written in granite where college majors are concerned.

Choosing your major can be as simple as looking at a career that strikes your fancy. I remember I wanted to be a veterinarian when I was growing up. I changed my mind when I realized I wore my heart on my sleeve. Being compassionate is one thing but I am a crier. If a pet owner came to me looking for strength, they would find a wimp.

Many careers in the medical fields require a lot of science, which was not my strong point. You can also look forward to post-graduate work and an internship afterward. Depending on how determined you are, you can plan to be in school for longer than four years, if you want to be anything other than an aide or medical technician.

The same goes for being a lawyer. Many of the top professions require years of schooling beyond college. This is why most professionals enjoy a higher pay scale. However, you should not expect to be rich the moment you are handed your final papers. As with anything else, you must work your way up.

How to Choose Your College Major

Utilize your school counselor. They have career aptitude tests you can take to decide a career path you might like.

You can also look online for career assessment guides and tests.

Look at what you have done so far. What are your favorite subjects? Your extracurricular activities?

Do you work now? What kind of job is it? Is it something you could turn into a career?

Do you want to be challenged? Alternatively, do you prefer something a little more laid back?

Do you want to work in government or politics? Would you like to do something about saving our planet?

The best thing you can do is remember there is no pressure right away. Talk to people doing things you might be interested in doing yourself. Then research what it would take to get the education you need to embark on that career path.

Finally, talk to your parents and listen to their advice. After all, they know you better than anyone else does.