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How To Cut Costs For Your Wedding

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How to cut costs for your wedding

1. A Small Guest List - Scale back your guest list. Invite only the people who matter. Don't invite people simply out of obligation. Co-workers and distant relatives should be left off of the list.

2. DIY Wedding - Learn how to make everything from centerpieces for the reception to favors. Try to source out projects to friends and family or post projects on Etsy's Alchemy, a site that connects buyers with artisans who meet requests for custom items.

3. Haggling - Save money by negotiating with vendors. Vendors are hungrier for clients than they were last year ... don't be afraid to ask them for a better price or to throw in a few extras.

4. Flexibility - Saturday evening is the most sought after timeslot for a wedding and the most expensive, so be willing to have your wedding on a Friday night, Sunday, or even during the week.

5. Second-hand - Scour Craigslist, eBay and Kijiji for gently-used wedding items. Check out the wedding dresses on sites such aswww.vintageous.com. Use Craigslist to seek out photographers, bartenders and other wedding professionals who are willing to work within your budget.

6. Prioritizing - Splurge only on the things that really matter to you. If a decadent meal is important to you, then cut back on other wedding items such as using an iPod instead of a deejay, or print your own invitations instead of having custom letterpress stationery.

7. Resourcefulness - Make use of the many talents among your relatives and circle of friends. If your aunt is a piano player, ask her to play at the wedding ceremony. If your grandmother makes cakes she might be willing to make your wedding cake as her gift to you. Getting loved ones involved will not only cut costs, but will also make your wedding more meaningful