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How To Deal With A Bully In School

By Shafi Choudhury on
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Bullying is a serious offense in school and should be dealt with immediately. There are many ways to actually sort out a bully. And below I have a few suggestions for what victims should do!

1) Ways to Stop Bullying!

Make sure friends are with you when you are in school. Having backup is really important and could help you feel more secure. Bullies might be afraid with the person your with which can help. Don’t stay alone when they are present!

It is of no use to keep your lips sealed. This just increases the matter more and helps bullies take advantage of your silence. Tell your families and friends about the bullies. Once they are exposed, they won’t have the freedom to bully you anymore. You won’t understand the relief after telling the truth! Don’t hide under the shed or the problem will get worse. It is believable that you keep it a secret out of fear but release the energy.

2) Inform the Head teacher!

Apart from telling the class teachers about the abuse, you can try explaining the story to the head teacher. Normal class teachers don’t really bother taking much action unless they care enough. Head teachers can choose to expel or suspend them out of school if the offense becomes serious.

3) Fight Back

Sometimes, children have no option than to fight back. However, choose to threaten your bullies if they don’t stop bullying you. Make them understand that you are strong and not a weakling. Try not to fight to cause injury to the person but use at least a slap or punch as a future warning. Children can help themselves increase their confidence by fighting their bullies. This can also help them against bullies in the future when similar situations return.

Fighting should only be your last option out of everything else if you have tried using other methods to stop bullying but have gained nothing from the school or your teachers. Afterwards, you can try getting the help from parents to back you up against the school for failing to protect their pupils if the school chooses to suspend or exclude you for fighting.


Dealing with bullying can be both a hard and easy task. The hard task is when you have to expose the truth about the abusers. The easy task is when they are dealt with quickly. Just make sure they don’t have anything to complain about when they are being punished.