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How To Earn Money From Youtube?

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YouTube is a large website that has tons of videos that are uploaded from people around the world. Some people upload videos just for fun, and some people upload videos so they can...earn money. It sounds weird that you can actually earn money from YouTube by uploading videos, but it's true. Lots of people have made over one million dollars per month from their videos and that's crazy. Now, I will show you the basic method that could help you do the same thing and make money on YouTube. It's not easy to do, and it takes time and patience.

If you follow this instruction, you may become one of them, too:

1/ Create accounts

- What you need is a YouTube account and a Google Adsense account. If you don't have either of them, go to the official websites and sign up.

2/ Upload videos

- Once you have a YouTube account, start uploading videos. You can upload as many videos as you want, however the videos should be creative, fun, cool, or educational. Don't upload any videos that are too boring, inappropriate, or illegal because you will not make any money from them. After videos have been uploaded, write something in the description to describe the videos.

3/ Attract viewers.

- The next step is to bring viewers to your videos. To do this step, create as many tags as possible.Tags will help you get more viewers and have more chances to make your videos become famous. After you have uploaded your videos, scroll down and insert tags, tags should be related to your video and make senses. Tip: You can also share your videos to Facebook or Twitter to increase views, too!

4/ Ask people to subscribe and rate.

- After you have some views on your videos, you can ask people to subscribe and rate up your videos. When people subscribe to you, it will be easier for you to get views in the future since after that, every time you upload a new video, people who subscribed to you will be noticed by YouTube and go to that video.

Rating is also very important, when people click on your videos, the first thing that they will look at is the rating. If they are low, then viewers will go and watch another videos without finishing the videos, so make sure your videos are perfect.

5/ Start making money

- Once you have over 100 subscribers, this is the right time to make money. Go to google.com/adsense and create yourself an account. All of the information must be real and must be yours. You also need a blog or a website to sign up, so to do that, go to blogger.com and create an account, then create a blog and give the URL of the blog to Google Adsense and you're done. After you have a Google Adsense account, go to YouTube.com/partner and become a partner with YouTube. Wait for a few days to get approved and after that, keep uploading videos and you will earn money.

How it works

You get paid from 5 to 10 cents from every viewer who watches your video. You also get paid from 10 to 20 cents from every subscriber who subscribe to your channel. The best of all, you get paid 1 to 5 dollars for every ad-clicks that you get from viewers. Ad-clicks means the number of clicks from people who watch your videos and click on the ads which usually show on your video.

The money will be transferred to your Google Adsense account, and then can be withdrawn via check.

The magic has been revealed. It could take some time to work, however after that, it will be worth the time. Good luck!