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How To Get More L Lysine In Your Diet

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You may already know that L-lysine, or lysine is an important amino acid that your body needs. Lysine is important to many bodily functions including how the connective tissues develop and how bones heal. Unfortunately, our bodies cannot make l-lysine. Instead, we have to get this important amino acid from our diet and eating common food sources such as red meat, dairy and fish. Some groups of people, such as vegans, may not eat many of the sources of l-lysine regularly so can need supplementation. Other groups, such as athletes, can burn up their reserves of this amino acid more quickly so need to increase their intake of l-lysine to meet the needs of their bodies.

Why You Need L-Lysine

This amino acid is one of the building blocks of protein in the human body, and without it in your system you can begin experiencing problems. People who don’t get enough l-lysine can experience fatigue, anemia, and even slow growth and development. Without proper intake of l-lysine, the human body cannot function optimally. So how do you get it? Of course, you can take l-lysine supplements, however the best way to get lysine is through food sources and eating.

Best Sources Of L-Lysine In The Diet

As this amino acid is one of the building blocks of protein, it’s no surprise that L-lysine is found in protein rich foods. This means that meat, particularly red meat, pork and poultry are excellent source of lysine. If your diet doesn’t contain these meats or your religion prevents you from eating them, you will have to look elsewhere to get your l-lysine. Fish including cod and sardines are also very good sources of lysine to consume.

Nuts, Eggs And Soybeans Contain L-Lysine

Eggs are a great source of l-lysine. You will also find this amino acid in all types of nut meats. Soy is another large source of dietary intake of lysine. You can find l-lysine in soybeans, tofu, soybean flour and isolated soy protein like is found in many energy drinks and products.

Other Sources of L-Lysine

Aside from lysine supplements, you can get l-lysine through eating beans and other legumes. This is a good way for vegans to get enough l-lysine in their diets. Dairy products also contain l-lysine, and you can even find this amino acid building block in Spirulina. There are also topical lysine ointments which are absorbed through the skin. However, topical supplementation is better for manifestations of low l-lysine levels such as chapped lips and sores than as a solution for getting your levels into a good range for optimal health. The best way to get more lysine in your body is through dietary changes which include l-lysine rich foods.