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How To Give A Baby A Bath

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In this article you will learn how to give a baby a bath. A bath will either make the baby sleepy or wide awake. Each baby is different.

First you will want to get the bath water ready. You will need the water luke warm. I always test the water with the inside of my wrist, as your skin is more tender there thus more sensitive to heat. Next you will add is your baby wash. I prefer to use a bedtime wash because my baby is sleepy after her bath time. There are many types of baby washes. I suggest using a non fragrence, sensitive skin, or all natural baby wash until you know what the baby is or is not allergic to. The main ingredients in the wash I use are milk and Chamomille. I also chose the non rinse formula so the baby will go to sleep easier.

Mean while I am getting the baby's bath water ready I let her be naked. She enjoys this because she knows soon it's bathtime and she will get to splash. I found it helpful to have certain routines so he baby will be at ease knowing what is coming.

Now, that my bath water is ready I make sure I have my soft washcloth, and towel ready. I also make sure that the house is warm so the baby won't get cold when I take her out.

Everything is in place for bath time. I test the water again and I rub a little on the baby so she doesn't get scared when I put her in the water. I always have one arm around her at all times. Then I wash her face, behind her ears, her hair, under her chin, and work on down.

A good rule to remember is start with the least dirty part and work your way from there. If your baby has any rolls or folds in their skin it is important to clean in between and dry in between to avoid yeast infections.

I allow a little splash time holding the baby with both hands so she is secured not to slip under water. Once the bath is finished you want to wrap the baby in their towel and dry.

I then use A & D ointment on tooshie, and in any folds or rolls. Lotion to legs, arms, back, chest, and face. I take the already opened diaper and sprinkle a little baby powder(holding powder away from baby to not get the dust in their lungs) apply diaper and clothing. I then finish the process by taking a baby cotton swab to get any water out from the baby's ear. You want to keep the inside of the babys ears dry if possible durring bathtime to try and avoid an ear ache for your baby.

Now your baby is clean and ready to seize the day, or hit the hay!