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How To Have Fun In Rune Scape Without A Membership

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RuneScape is a great game, especially when you play it in a group. After a while, however, the game starts to get boring. Unless, that is, you're forking out money for a membership. If you, like me, want to know of ways to rekindle the love in your relationship with this amazing fantasy MMORPG, then read on.

The first thing that you can do is Clan Wars. Clan Wars is an activity available to all RuneScape players, located in the wilderness. This means that you probably don't want to do this at a low level. Released on the 10th of December 2007, Clan Wars allows clans consisting of up to 100 players to fight each other with designated maps and strategies to be used. What was once taking turns hitting each other has become coordinating attacks on choke points and massive battles fought alongside your friends. Many clans on-line are made specifically for clan wars, whereas some clans attend every so often. Some clans require their members to change their names and often a high combat level is required.

Each Clan War begins with victory conditions and item safety set by the clan leaders before the battle begins, and depending on the settings chosen, it is possible that you will lose your items upon death, but most wars are fought in "safe" mode.

Alternatively, players can choose to use a red or white portal, offering hectic free-for-all games.

The official worlds for clan wars are worlds 141, 129, 68 and 50, with world 1 known as an unofficial Clan Wars world due to its high player count.

The second thing to do is the Fist of Guthix. Fist of Guthix is an activity that was released on the 8th of April 2009. To begin playing this activity, you must speak to Fiara. Note that this is a safe activity. Player death does not result in the loss of items. Fist of Guthix is one of few activities in which you can get a high score rank in, with the current number rating required at 500, and there are 700, 276 players so ranked. Fist of Guthix is a brilliant way in which to rank up your magical abilities as runes are provided for free. The drawback of this, however, is that even though it's cheaper than using your own runes, it is also slower. Fist of Guthix is in the low-level wilderness area; so if you are going to attempt this activity, exercise caution.

Current free-to-play worlds for this activity are worlds 20, 25, 107, 119 and 149. Although there are designated worlds, Fist of Guthix may be played on all worlds.

The third thing to do is the Duel Arena, free-to-play since the 10th of December 2007. Here, players can engage in dueling tournaments.

The dueling arena is safe. In case of death, no items except the optional stakes are lost.

The duel arena was brought into RuneScape shortly after the RuneScape 2 beta, partially due to Jagex wanting to put a stop to player's abuse of the 'duel anywhere' option from the original RuneScape (yes, RuneScape is actually RuneScape 2).

At the duel arena, you can have either friendly or staked matches, where you would bet stakes on the winner. There are 11 different options for the duel arena that can be turned on and off. These options are: no ranger, no melee, no magic, no special attacks, fun weapons (rubber chicken, flowers etc, ) no forfeit, no drinks, no food, no prayer, no movement, obstacles and summoning enabled. Some options can't be combined. For example, you cannot have no ranged, no melee and no magic on at the same time, as this would make it impossible to fight.

The fourth thing to do is hunting Revenants. Revenant are a ghostly versions of the creatures slain in the God Wars, and are among the most dangerous monsters in RuneScape. The word Revenant comes from a French and Latin word meaning returned. They were introduced as part of an update on the 10th of December 2007, and were designed to replace player killers, or 'PKers' in the wilderness; as such, Revenants are generally much stronger than their combat level indicates. They can be found patrolling freely around various parts of the wilderness. This is one of the most dangerous things on this list because of the fact that you have to be careful of Revenants as well as other murderous players.

Revenants can attack using all the sides of the combat triangle. They have a decent melee attack, their ranged attack can freeze an opponent on the spot and their magic can prevent teleportation. These creatures are made to keep you in battle once it is initiated. There is almost zero chance of escaping a Revenant. Additionally, Revenants can heal themselves a limited number of times when their health gets low.

Now for the final item on this list. Bounty Worlds. Bounty Worlds, also known as Bounty Hunter Worlds, BW or BH, are themed worlds in which PvP (player versus player) Combat is allowed in the wilderness only. They were released on the 6th of May 2009 as the re-work to Bounty Hunter, an activity designed to replace wilderness PKing, which was removed as part of the December 10 2007 updates. On these servers, only Edgeville, the Wilderness wall, Monastery, Grand exchange and the Wilderness are accessible. You must have a minimum of level 20 combat without summoning. The worlds are as follows: English -32, 57 and 136, German- 122, French- 72 and Brazilian- 125.

I hope that this article has shed some light on the possibilities of the free to play RuneScape experience, and I wish you luck as you journey forth to fun and adventure.

If you are not yet among the ranks of the mighty heroes of RuneScape, then head on over to the RuneScape homepage at www.runescape.com and discover what all the fuss is about.