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How To Keep Kids Entertained During The Summer

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I have an Aunt that started a club for her kids years ago called the Mousehole Club. She has continued the tradition with her grandkids. The members of the Club are kept busy all summer long with different planned activities. She loves planning the events and it gives her great quality time with the kids and the kids are never bored. The kids look forward to it every summer.

I plan on starting my own club with my grandson this summer. Here are a few ideas you can use to keep your kids or grandkids busy during summer vacation.

Have a scavenger hunt - Make a list of items that the kids can hunt for and collect in a bag. This is an activity that can be used for one or a group of kids. You can give a prize for finding all the items or for the group that finds all the items first.

Collect cans and turn them in for cash. This is a great way to teach kids the value of a dollar. They can work at collecting the cans and save the money up for a special treat.

Go on a hike or bike ride to a park or other special place you have never been to.

Plant a garden - Kids love to watch things grow and they may even learn to like eating vegetables if they grow their own.

Go to yard sales - The kids can use some of the cash they used from collecting cans to get special treasures at a bargain.

Have your own yard sale - Have the kids collect things they don't want anymore or get donations from friends and family to sell.

Have a lemonade stand - The kids can make the lemonade and have them help make some simple treats like Rice Krispies treats to sell. You can do this separately or during the yard sale.

Volunteer at a soup kitchen, retirement home or animal shelter. There are always organizations that can use help.

Roller skating or Bowling at your local establishment is a great way to get exercise while having fun.

Put on a talent show for other kids in the neighborhood or videotape the show and let the kids watch it afterwards.

Visit different playgrounds in the area and have a picnic.

Have a campout and stargaze. Look up information on the Internet on constellations and try to find them.

Go to a drive-in movie - If you still have a drive-in movie in your area this is a fun activity for kids that may have never had the experience.

Tye dye a shirt - You can find instructions here on how to tye dye. Kids will love to create their own art they can wear.

Play water games, make and blow bubbles, draw with sidewalk chalk or make sand art.

These are just a few ideas that can be used to keep the kids busy all summer long, so you never have to hear "I'm bored!"