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How To Keep Weight Of During The Holidays

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Holidays can be stressful enough without added weight gain. There are many ways you can keep weight gain at at bay. As most of us know that it is very easy to put on weight and much harder to take it off.

There are many ways to help keeping fit during the holidays.

Walking around your hometown to view the Christmas lights and displays, ice skating, sleighing and one thing we do every year is make an ice rink out back in the yard. We all join in with making our ice rink. That helps burn lots of calories and is fun for the whole family and friends when over on the holidays. Get a game of hockey!

Healthier choices at holiday time can be hard. I think almost everyone over eats. So why not over eat on the stuff that won't have you feeling sloppy and tired? Have healthy snacks ready in the fridge to grab. Since time is limited durning the holidays. Eat soup before going to a dinner party. You will be sure to eat less and less of the unhealthy stuff.

Tips to remember during the holidays or anytime. Is eating healthier makes you feel better, more energetic which is what one needs to get out and exercise. It takes 3500 calories burned to lose 1 pound. And one slice of pie is 1 hour on the treadmill. Try doing that feeling tired.

Ease your stresses knowing you can enjoy the holidays with just adding exercise at holiday time as it helps release stress and keeps your weight at bay. Eat healthy, exercise regularly and you can enjoy that slice of pie once in a while or that extra slice of turkey.

Now holiday stresses with spending to much money? That will be a whole article in it's self.