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How To Look Pretty

By Shafi Choudhury on
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This article has a few tips to help you enhance your beauty. Some people fail to portray their body as beautiful as it could have been. Tips in this article include smiling, cleaning teeth and maintaining healthy hair. Soon after following these tips, you’ll be on your way to looking prettier than you probably are now.

1) Smiling

Smiling can make huge differences to your overall appearance. Not only does smiling brighten your day by improving your mood, it brightens your face as well. You would be surprised if you see how smiling could definitely attract any person.

2) Cleaning Teeth

Before smiling, cleaning teeth is an important step to make sure your oral hygiene is satisfactory. Dirty or stained teeth will push away those who you’re trying to get and that wouldn’t be something you want. You can easily remove plaque and dirt from your teeth if you can at least brush regularly. However, avoid brushing too hard as this might end up damaging your tooth enamel. Without having your tooth enamel protecting you, your teeth will become sensitive to cold, sugary or warm foods.

3) Maintaining Healthy Hair

Brushing your hair every day could make a big difference. You might think the oils in your hair will cause greasy hair but actually, the oils can help protect your hair as well as keep it shiny. Although the disadvantage of this oil is how it can build up and cause greasy hair.

Dyeing or straightening your hair can both cause damage? Always colour your hair lighter or as darker than your skin tone. When straightening hair, apply heat protection or your hair will get damaged easily.

4) Maintaining Healthy and Clean Skin

Dirty and oily skin can cause a problem if you’re hoping to attract a person. You might think that the time spent on improving skin condition with gels, creams and soaps will only kill your time, it is well worth spending. Obviously, you’re not going to be happy if you’re getting the urge to spice your body up when oily skin will always be an interruption. Lemons and tomato juice are two natural remedies that can help eliminate oily skin and acne and brighten your skin the way it deserves. Buy your bunch now from the market and use them for your benefit instead of buying expensive creams that may already include lemons and tomato juice in their ingredients.


Overall, damaged hair can make you look messy. It is no use getting your hair straightened or coloured if it gets damaged easily. So always be careful with what you do with your hair. Nonetheless, smiling, maintaining clean teeth and hair will all help significantly improve your appearance and you will always be satisfied.