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How To Make Money Online: The Guide

Will Lane By Will Lane on
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Making money online is often viewed a dubious way to pick up some extra money due to the amount of scams that are out there. It's difficult to know who to trust- if anyone. Fortunately for you, I've spent a number of years trying on a hit and miss basis to find something that works and in the end I've come up with a few. These methods are never going to make you into a millionaire but for a minimal amount of time and effort they will provide you with some reward. Here are my top 3 (in no particular order):

1. Mysurvey.com: I found out this one a few years ago and have since made a decent amount of money on it. The idea is simple: answer surveys and ask money. What separates this site from all the other survey sites is that they actually pay you and don't make you fill out endless surveys for a few dimes worth of cash. The majority of money I've made has actually come from referrals because they give you a very nice bonus for each referral ($2.50 a go it used to be), although for the time being this has stopped. I still definitely recommend signing up though.

2. Swagbucks.com: For me this one is a no brainer, all you have to do is search on it and every now and then they will reward you with 'swag bucks' which can be redeemed for cash or other prizes. It may be frustrating t first because your not going to make money quickley, however over time it does build up and over a year you will have accumulated a nice amount of money, for me I made $35 in a year but I do search quite a lot. The search engine is a mix between google and yahoo.

3. Ebay.com: I think everyone is familiar with Ebay but you may not know that you can create your own startup business on it. The idea is simple, find a niche market, something your interested in preferably and then just buy your products locally or online and sell them for a small markup price on ebay. I find the best products tend to be antiques because their value is undefined and can fluctuate allowing you to earn more money from larger markups.

4. A little extra here even though it's probably obvious: sharedreviews! for those who aren't authors, it really does work!

Update On May 30, 2011: Please excuse the cluttered text, it was not like this when I wrote the original article however for some reason sharedreviews compressed it when I published it.